Saturday, July 2, 2011

Coaching classes! (Part 2)

So here are the few solutions and methods which will surely benefit us to fight against such scams and will certainly help us to make our educational system better and efficient.

  • A proper database of students should be maintained like how many total students coaching ing classes increasing day by day.

    • Fees must be taken by coaching classes on monthly basis and not in one go.This word 'Lumsum payment' should be abolished.It will help students to decide whether they are comfortable with the guidance given at coaching or not,and will also help students and their parents to decide whether coaching classes are fulfilling their requirements or not,or their money is simply going in vain that will further help to think them to invest their money for next month.
    • A proper database of students should be maintained like how many total students coaching institutes will coach for IIT next year.
    • Awareness must be spread.Question yourself,why coaching classes have not grown up in US for institutions like MIT??.Are those who are studying in MIT not interested in retaining Academic Excellence of the institution.Off course they do but they lack the idea of such an innovative Business like Indians.If MIT does not need coaching classes why does IIT need???..think logically...
    • There must be research available to know exactly the impact of coaching classes on the student's academic performance or the psychological,intellectual and physical repercussions.
    • A student himself should understand that spoon feeding and short-tricks which he learns from such institutes to beat exams are of no longer in use.Its only Hard work and Concepts that help him to enrich his knowledge.So basically student's dedication matters a lot.You can't make horse drink water,you only need is to take him to the river.
                         It is well known to everybody that the so called the most toughest exams in India..i.e.IIT-JEE has been successfully passed by the sons of a farmer,roadside stall owner,a mechanic,and a truck driver! Nothing left !Basically it is student's own talent,no teacher can make them sip the nector of traits of qualifying.All you need is a motivator,an instructor or a person to show the right direction that can lead students on the path of success.
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                         Well,this requirement of an instructor could be fulfilled by school teachers as well.There's no need of coaching classes for this purpose.All we need is 'trained and qualified teachers' in schools,not just 'housewives' who are very desperate and eager not to be called themselves just a 'housewife' anymore.I don't find a need to elaborate this particular point,the big monkey like grin on your blessed faces says it all.:P.You got my point i guess :D

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    P.S.:Well  I'm actually going to open some coaching classes in future and make a huge amount of money.Lol,just kidding..but isn't it a good idea? Ah! Don't answer that! :P



    1. My friend,shayad aap bhi coaching se padkar hi apne clg me enter hue ho ..So ye toh galat baat hai..Obviously coaching are must for a students who have passion to prove them and are hungry of grand sucees n knowldege....
      But superb views n a great blog...

    2. When you are having so many living examples who cleared the so called the most toughest exams without any coaching class and U still believe "coaching are must for students",,then theres nothing left to say..and one thing I must tell u when a person has passion for something then he never become dependent on any means,his individuality is enough to achieve what he wants in his life...well the gist of this whole write up is to make people aware of the growth of coaching classes at an alarming rate,theres nothing personal in it,,and thanx for ur response...:):)

    3. u said well if getting into MIT doesn't need any coaching then why IITs......??
      well dude candidates applying at MIT are already having an excellent academic record.
      secondly there is no issue for marks in the US system of education rather they focus on the overall track records,population in US is also very less & u know what r the aspects here in India....:(( worst!!and a major chunk is the youth including u,me&many more....
      so as we did dream 2 be IITian(but we fall here at IET ) so many others r also having the same ambition.
      so coaching will grow not as weeds but as fast & huge as wealth of politician or desires of a desperate newly wedded guy.....;)..!!
      its very nice u boost up this issue....

    4. Grade Point Average (GPA) is used widely in US education system which is basically a relative marking.Student is provided a grade point on the scale of 4 or 5,so saying there is no issue of marks at all will not justify your comment.I do appreciate about the practical knowledge they provide.Indian education needs such amendments.But when you talk about 'basics' Indian education is much better regarding that sense,and you can't under-estimate Indian education at all.Educated people who are behind the development of that country are mostly Indians,studied in India.Itz just that US comes under the category of Developed nation and India is on the verge of developing,if youth take the initiate the day is not so far when we Indians will be firing with all the four cylinders.Don't get depressed if you were unable to get into IIT,its not the end and following the rat-race can lead you nowhere,its just an illusion,trust me...and this illusion if not controlled coaching classes will grow like weeds,this is what I'm conveying..:)