Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Poets are never yours. They just belong to their muses. And the problem is anybody and anything can become a muse .
Secondly- poets are insecure. they need constant reassurances that they are good. And you just are at loss on how to reassure them because it will never be enough
Third - Normal conversation is almost gone. You feel like you are dating an English grammar text book. Fourth - They only know to receive compliments , they don't know how to give one. And no writing a poem on how good the last night was doesn't count as a compliment.
Yes poets make you a poet too temporarily , but you lose out on your own identity and aspirations. Because I admit a poet can project his life as an inspiring one, but that is his life you are living, not yours and you don't even get acknowledged or appreciated for that. Yes poets make you aware of many things, but most of all your incompetence . Poets are not liable to make you jealous. They actually have to make you jealous otherwise their art fails and that is my personal take.

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