Friday, May 8, 2015

Facebook Photo Uploader

Technology has made a huge difference in human life.We are judged and analysed by our social profile which includes not only the intellectual factors but a constant knowledge of upcoming technological aspects and new gadgets launched to make life easy and efficient.

The integration of mobile apps and social networking sites is becoming a trend these days. Modern software development practices take into account the need to sync content with sites like Facebook due to their wide reach and popularity. There are many online soft wares and apps available to make a proper sync of your photo albums to various social and bookmarking sites including facebook,twitter,linked in,stumble upon,tumbler etc.

By making a proper use of Cloud Cam v2.0 you can now take and upload photos and videos directly to Google Drive or Drop box.SocialAuth Android is an easy to use open source SDK that allows integration with Facebook and provides simple code to access its various functionalities along with free support. 

SDKs available now-a-days help you to integrate other social networks in your Android App along with Facebook.By using this SDK,we can easily connect with Facebook and share status updates.  Users can easily view profiles, contacts, photo albums and feeds. 

The SDK also enables you to upload images to your Facebook profile in a breeze.In order to start using Photo Sync, you'll need to manually enable all the photo uploading options.To enable Photo Sync,you need to launch the Facebook app and view the side menu. Later on,Scroll down and tap on Photos. At the bottom of the screen customized photos of you and your family will appear aong with a new Sync tab. If the Sync tab is present, you're account is ready to go.You can access those photos and make them secure by protecting their security by changing security options.

Notice how many times the word "private" is used now-a-days.Everyone is concerned about their privacy. You need to take special care when it comes to security aspects.It is one of the baffling problems in Internet marketing and e-commerce optimization now-a-days.

Tap on Sync Photos if you'd like to enable Photo Sync and you will be able to access all your private photos and data shared among the secure platform.Your photos will then begin uploading a new private album in your Facebook Account. Going forward, any new photo taken will automatically upload without the need for you to launch the Facebook app, even on your IPHONE. You don't need to worry about any further processing as it is always done in background as an application and real-time operating features.

Operating Systems have their own significance and help to make various amendments and mobile operating platforms follow the same features using same key values.When you view your photos from the Web site, you can decide which photos to share by making them public, or which to delete or make further amendments into them.

When you view the Sync tab in either app, you can see a Settings icon. Tapping it will let you limit photo uploads to Wi-Fi and CELLULAR, Wi-Fi only, or disable to feature altogether. As you can see, you get a total of 2 GB worth of space to store uploaded photos.

With the feature having been in testing for awhile now, you won't need to update the Facebook app in order for it to show up.This is how you will easily be able to sync and upload facebook photos using your Android application or Mobile gadgets.

Autistic Brain

Every sound pings his brain.
Although his hearing is fine,
he rarely meets my gaze.
He fidgets, paces, or circles
as his mind travels mazes of thought.

Contact is not needed, unwanted
touch disrupts circuits,
dislocates the signal from nerves to brain.
He holds my hand on rare occasions,
the ultimate sign of affection.
Sharp as a tack, recalling detail
at the drop of a hat.
He searches the recesses of his mind,
processes questions,
retrieves data along encyclopedic relays.
Mental rifling, through
an accordion file folder mind.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The End

Whole night the candle burnt
Spreading evenly it's divine light
The wax melted
Like running water
But the wicker happily burnt
rejoicing the dance of life
Unmindful of its plight.

Suddenly there were crackling sound
The light burnt higher and higher
As it sensed the end was near
the candle was evermore sombre

"I lived my life to the fullest...
then why be sad "thought the candle.
So it burnt with all its might
Rejoicing as the end came near.
Then it flickered hardest one more time
In a bid to say goodbye
One last time to all its friends
Then snuffed out peacefully
With a serene smile
For it had fulfilled
the purpose of its life.