Saturday, July 2, 2011

Coaching classes! (Part 1)

                         2011 IIT-JEE results blow the whistle and this rat race has begun once again.A rat-race of getting into the prestigious colleges like IIT.Because of it the publicity and advertisements of this so-called-'coaching classes' are once again at peak.Well,calculating the number of coaching classes opened recently in few years will be a hard nut to crack.It is spreading like weeds in a small pond all over the country.
There must be certain reasons because of his immense growth of coaching classes,lets have a look on them first.

  • God forbid me if I'm wrong but the most chief factor of this tremendous growth of coaching classes is due to parental pressure on children.Most of the parents(..yes,well educated :P)are insane about their children doing well,earning grades and getting into a so called prestigious institutes like IIT.Somehow,their extra possessiveness and insecurity favours this growth.

Parental Pressure..!!!

  • There are many myths and false presumptions regarding IIT.Most of the people consider it to be the toughest exam in India which could never be cleared without coaching classes.
  • Lust of earning money as soon as possible make people believe that their lust can be fulfilled completely only if they get into well renowned institutes,which can be possible on via coaching classes.Money oriented people find it easy to compromise their dreams and ambitions just to get into IIT with any of the course they are allotted,I mean any of the branch which they even don't think of in their dreams.
  • Population growth and Unemployment are the baffling problems in India,and in this cut-throat race people are ready to invest their money in coaching classes.(even poor people somehow afford it by various lucrative means provided by such coaching centers)
  • Lack of self-confidence and courage in young generation is also an important factor.Coaching classes can easily make students a 'dependent machine'.Actually,students themselves tend to rely on somebody else to teach them concepts.Students find it difficult to remain active and focused,they want a push from somebody else,and if its not from parents or school side,it requires coaching classes to do so.
  • India is a rural country,no doubt.The teachers in the government schools are never present in school.They run a side business during the day and have tuition's for their own class students in the evening.(it happens in urban areas as well).This so called 'side bussiness' is increasing the growth of coaching classes all the day in day out.
  • Whether I should consider it an asset or not but it no denying the fact that we Indians are good businessmen.We know the tricks to catch the nerves of people.We advertise ourselves according to the way we want.In Indore itself,we have AC class-rooms in coachings' without any proper criteria of attendance.I mean WTF they want from students to do in AC class rooms,off course educations has no such need,basically its a good source of glamorising their place.'Clever Indians' or 'Selfish Indians'..whatever have made coaching classes a good cup of tea for all category of students and therefore it is spreading like a forest fire.
        These are many more reasons of growth of coaching classes  in India at an immense rate.My next post will be regarding the control measures that should be adopted to tackle such problems.


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