Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rush(A short story)!

                     You're my Honeybunch, Sugarplum Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You're my Sweetie Pie You're my Cuppycake, Gumdrop Snoogums-Boogums.. ."the alarm clock danced again after being  tightly slapped once before.It's 7:46 a.m.He almost jumped like a spider man,two feet high from his bed when his half conscious mind and drowsy eyes sensed the time by the alarm clock.It's maths final paper today at 8:00 a.m.Cursing his habit of being irresponsible he rushed towards the bathroom.Things were already hotchpotch.Within 10 minutes someone he managed to change his alien appearance and got the recognition of looking a social-being to himself.It was all done.
He packed his bag after wasting two minutes in scrutinizing the admit-card which was hidden behind the book-self.And now while searching for the bike key,he almost ran marathon race but still keys were playing a tough game of hide and seek with him.The clock was ticking fast,he had to find a way out of this difficult situation.Searching is now getting transformed into shouting and screaming.
Suddenly a gentle and soft voice came from inside which almost soothed his brain which was filled with paranormal thoughts and fearful tornadoes."Here are your keys, and
I've put lunch and water-bottle in your bag.Go fast and drive slowly."his mother replied.
His heart was assuring his head that even Oxford dictionaries are error-prone.They didn't  include the synonyms of love and affection as mother.Did they?
Just after convincing his puzzled head  by his own thoughts, he flew at an immense speed to reach his destination as soon as possible.
The weather was quite amusing.The radiance and heat of the sun was somewhat restricted due to moisture in the air because of gradual rainfalls.Colourful clouds were dancing and embarking the beginning of the new wonderful day.
It was drizzling a bit and the cool breeze has added an excitement to it.The murmuring sound of the blowing leaves due to gentle breeze,the chirping songs of birds,the sensational music in his ear phone plugged ears, nothing was able to amuse and please his numb brain which was still struggling with the thoughts  of  getting late in his final maths exam.
The speedometer  has refused to  circulate further ahead,he was already flying like an eagle with an immense speed but was still far away from his destination.It was 8:10 already. 

Suddenly  the traffic jam in between the streets had seek ed his attention.It was an accident case.With not-so-interested-mood he parked his bike at the corner and marched towards the crowd encircling the old-lady.
She was thrown two feet away from roadside by a young passionate biker while crossing the road.She was shivering with pain,her left hand was injured and was constantly  bleeding.
The atmosphere was intense and fearful.The young biker had been forcefully grabbed under the arms of three men which appeared like they were punishing him for the unintentional crime he had done.
Frustrations of people could be easily sensed by their anger laden red faces.Each one was showing sympathy towards wrong done to the poor lady.Each one was
busy giving speech  to the young man.Some were violently rebuking,some were silently.Seeing the whole drama he was a bit confused.                                                                                                                                                   

The pathetic circumstances and the whole scene generated had already wasted his precious 15 minutes.His heart and inner soul was screaming from inside and forcing him to take an initiative and help that old lady and help her to get proper treatment.He had no mirage of any hospital visible as far as he could see.Its going to take at least half an hour to reach the nearby hospital.
His brain was sharply doing calculations as was already prepared to rock the maths paper.
It's a fight between his head and heart.He couldn't screw his complete maths paper for sake of humanity.He was emotional and helping by nature.He used to do his best to make people happy.But the 'rush' towards his destination had made him blind today.Suddenly his heart stop responding the puzzles generated by his selfish brain.It went numb to the issue within the fraction of seconds.
He insanely left the place,started the bike and flew towards his destination consoling his heart by the fact that someone from the crowd would certainly help that poor old lady.He just silently prayed for that poor lady.      
Humanity was intensely being raped by the dominating 'selfish-human nature'.
The mirage of the poor lady,trembling with fear,constantly bleeding,shivering with pain,trembling voice asking for help was still echoing in his mind.The voice was getting louder and louder.It almost reached up to the extent that it would burst his ear drums.He protested and moved to and fro and something hard was whacked at his ass.He was fallen from his bed.He was dreaming.It takes him 2 minutes to get the realization that  it was one the worst nightmares.The tender voice of his Mom reached his ears which proved he was dreaming.

"Wake up fast.See  I've got a surprise for you.Yesterday the protest you and your friends did against Corruption to support Anna-Hazare movement in your college was being published in the newspaper.I'm screaming like hell to get you know this thing and here's your photo,published today in the newspaper.I surely assure myself,my son is going to do something big,not just for us but for the country as well.He is on the verge of making his nation developed.I'm happy to see you on the path of Humanity."

"Yes Mom,I'm following the path of Humanity and your son can never be selfish.",the only words he uttered just to see a convincing smile on her mom's face.