Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Angst!

And then sometimes,what we WANT and what we DESERVE are two DIFFERENT things.What exactly is perfection?Trust me,you won't be able to find a single person who you can call as Perfect because perfection does not exist.Perfection is nothing but a delusional myth.Believe it or not.

I don't waste your time,I'll be direct.I don't have any role models.I don't follow people.I don't want to be like anyone.I am happy being "ME".Okay,I won't be a smart ass but yes some people inspire me but not completely.I observe them,all their strengths and weaknesses and then I learn only the things I want to learn from them,I adopt or imitate the "good" leaving behind the "bad" part of their character.

Eh??Isn't it confusing??Yes,it is confusing.Seriously,I am confused and scared.I won't be able to speak too much right now but yes Engineering life,trust me,you will be remembered.Challenges,problems,struggle and busy schedule altogether.It's difficult to decide the priority especially when the whole world is conspiring against you.But then,I know my priorities,I know what I am doing and why I am doing.I decided to quit but the angst,once again,has given me courage to fight back,to rise again,to give life a one more chance.Rise from ashes and fight for life.Fight for dreams.Sunshine or Darkness?? Love or hate?? Sanity or Insanity ?? Who cares?? I am sane,I always was and I always will be,no matter what.Yes,I matter,my decisions matter,my priorities matter,my loved ones matter,my life matters.I have my answers.All answers.Now kick my ass and I'll fly higher and higher and higher....

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Don't worry.Be Barfi!

Well,almost all of you know me, but I bet very few of you know my true identity. Now I may sound irrational but the truth about me is that I am crazy(And the good thing is I know that :p).Right now some of you must be thinking that "Abhinav jain" has gone beyond the levels of ordinary madness, but I know some of you are kind enough to wonder 'why'.And this blog post is only for those kind ones who are willing enough to read and give it a thought.
I was supposed to write a movie review, you know, but I thought, then,I am not matured enough to behave like a strict movie critic.So,what to write and what not to, that is the question. Let’s just start from the beginning and write what seems worth writing, isn’t it?But yes,it is definitely not a movie review.
And finally we ran away from college to watch the most awaited movie of this season i.e."Barfi".Yes,it was my suggestion and I was already being punished for giving this suggestion.Ass is still in pain(i mean literally :D).When I asked this question to my friends:”Haan toh ab batao kaise thi movie?(How was the movie?)
The monkey like grin on their faces say it all.Not a single person in my group liked it,except me.I am always the exception.And this becomes the reason for this blog post.Alright,I like the movie(i guess you already got the hint).The question arises why?? And there are many factors.
Firstly,I like the concept,the whole theme of the movie.Many people had a problem with the length of the movie but honestly,I could have stayed in Barfi’s world even longer,its so much fun.Yes,obviously it is a slow paced movie but it is definitely not boring.Cinematography,picturisation and awesome direction by Anurag Basu will surely gonna make it a huge success.
Secondly,the simplicity of the characters,the emotions expressed via different scenes in the movie,concept of trust,concept of friendship and its loyalty test,concept of love(Yes,the unconditional and selfless love),everything is illustrated so nicely and beautifully.And of course,awesome performances by Ranbir,Priyanka and Ileana D'cruz.Kudos to all of them.
This character of "Barfi" played by Ranbir is the eye candy of the movie.Though he is dumb and deaf but how he manages to make everyone smile and laugh even without uttering a single word is the most noticeable point.So caring.So gentle.So adorable.So sensitive.So unique.So much heart .It is not at all superficial or over expressed.Perhaps,the look of Charlin Chaplin,the feel of jestler's life and the simplicity shown by ranbir throughout the movie added more feathers to the cap of his character in the movie.He has the stupid criteria of testing the loyalty of his friends by lamppost test,the lamppost is made to crash into a bottle on the ground and his loyal friends have to stay holding his hand following his words that the post won’t crush them to death,this way his stupidity and stubborn nature also look cute.His generous and caring nature,his desperation when even he tries to rob a bank, and kidnap his friend is beautifully expressed.The craziness and silliness in the character is not forcefully taken out,rather it comes out naturally.
Then of course the character of an austistic girl played by Priyanka is yet another attention seeker.Her innocence and shyness is beautifully expressed.The way she never allow the strangers to touch her,her grabbing of her dress as protection, her averting of eye contact,her whining and screaming loudly and almost everything about the character is so truly illustrated.
Ileana's beautiful eyes and her smile will compel people to update their crush list,no doubt. Her simplicity,her innocence,jealousy,her internal conflicts,her obligation to respect her parents and beautiful songs shooted in the garden of Darjeeling conveyed every emotion that needs to be conveyed.
Overall,the most complex message came out so simply,truly and beautifully without any kind of exaggeration.Some people live for their personal pleasure.These are the people who do what fun is,what is enjoyable and not what society might wish them to.Not everyone is gifted,not everyone is talented,not everyone is born legend.No one is perfect.We all are imperfect in some way or another.We have our drawbacks and negative aspects but it does not count.It does not stop us from loving each other. Imperfection is not the obstacle,our mentality is.We need to broaden our vision.It's all about how you take life,it's about how you live,how you learn,how you perceive,how you deal with the odd situations. The dumb and deaf character in the movie named "Barfi" truly inspires.
The unconditional and selfless love depicted by the duo in the movie will definitely compel viewers and spectators to burn their brain cells.It depicts the true value of generosity and emotions, specially the nose-kiss scene is so adorable which is indeed a unique element,at least for me as I've not seen it before anywhere, and the best thing about the movie is that it has a "Happy Ending" which you rarely find in romantic love stories. It simply says count on to the lives in one moment, not the moments in one Life.
Live a big life, live life King size,and not a Long and Small one.Don’t worry.Be crazy.Be passionate.Love others and let yourself be loved.Be Barfi!! :)))
P.S. Did I mention that it has the most soulful,melodious and beautifully composed music along with great and inspiring lyrics.Here is a glimpse of it !
"..Itthi si hansi
Itthi si khushi
Ittha sa tukda
Chand ka
Khwabon ke
Tinkon se
Chal banayein
Aashiyaan..... (Repeat once)
Dabe dabe paaon se
Aaye haule haule zindagi
Hothon pe koonti chadake
Hum taale laga ke chal
Gumsum tarane
Chupke chupke gaayein
Aadhi aadhi baatein yeh
Aaja dil ki ye zameen
Thoda sa tera sa hoga
Thoda mera bhi hoga
Apna ye aashiyan...."


Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Wayfarers!

..Sometimes the journey itself is the destination.They love their journey.Their journey to quench the thirst of knowledge,their journey in search of love,happiness and peace.They keep wandering,alone along the road,and smiling...The wayfarers,the wanderers...
...We live in a world of fantasy and dreams, where most objects are inflated beyond recognition.Fake world,fake people.Lost and corrupted souls.A world where true love does not exist,a world which live on biological needs,a world where love doesn't suffice,a world which demands war and bloodshed,a world which betrays.They love their journey,they keep wandering in the same world.They keep wandering,alone along the road,and smiling...The wayfarers,the wanderers...
...Life is all about loving others.We need to just keep on trying.It is not about how others are loving us - but rather about our loving others.Life's jagged pattern is a chiaroscuro,and  happiness bathes  in these extremities.They experience its madness.They dance,they tumble and fall, they don't cry,they don't complain,they stand up and join the tune again. They don't let themselves bring down by sorrow or pain,ever be faithful their life is not in vain.They keep wandering,alone along the road,and smiling...The wayfarers,the wanderers...
...They keep their journey going.They never make enemies.They don't keep grudges.They believe in building bridges.They are the messengers,the harbingers of GOD,If they don't build bridges, how will we get peace on earth? If they don't spread love, happiness and peace, how will we get harmony and brotherhood on earth?
If they don't, who will???
And they are still wandering, alone along the road, and smiling...just following the faded footprints..They face the pain due to thorns in their path,they consider the ache,they neither curse the path nor the thorn, they dance in the rain, they wander insanely,silence is their virtue,and so the wayfarers are the eternal preserver...
But why is there a need ??why is there a need for suffering?? Is it their responsibility ?? Is it a part of their journey ?? Is it what life's all about?? Or it is something else…something more enlightening..or something more diverse..
Hell..Am I contradicting myself ?? Am I going to extremes?? Perplexed?...Always a question! Always a mystery!
Sometimes journey itself is a contradiction! :D 

P.S. Pardon me if it is bit confusing or too sombre.For it's just a pigment of my imagination.I've never tried this genre before as it is not my forte,but I guess it still conveyed the main thought :)
P.P.S. I tried my best  to maintain the rhythm and give it a poetic feel but unfortunately I'm not a poet, so once again pardon me if it's not up to the expectation.Alright,I'm too modest! ;):D