Tuesday, August 28, 2012

In Pursuit Of Happiness!

Some days sunshine doesn't help.Pain persists.When in pain,LAUGH and blame it on stars and planets and even if this doesn't work then write.Simply write.Boys are always cheerful (I'm not a male chauvinist.I'm not a sexist :D #JustSaying :P).You will never find a single boy crying and whining for little things.But life is so harsh sometimes.Things go wrong.People blame you for the things you are not at all responsible for and when it happens altogether it becomes difficult to bear the pain.Boys are born with this attitude ->Who needs it? Who cares? I'm not gonna look back and why should I.On the contrary,they are weak,not physically and mentally but emotionally.They will never accept it,NEVER.But deep down they know they are.But that's not the issue.Pain makes us stronger.It will help us to make ourselves more stable and eventually grow into a better individual.

Well,this post has nothing to do with boys and their inbuilt qualities (Pun-intended :D).It's more about Happiness.When I scroll down,I find my blog jam-packed with negative posts.The only thing that strikes my mind at this particular instant is to make use of "DELETE" option which I often use when active on social networking sites.I consider myself as one the most optimistic,confident and cheerful person who loves himself for all the little qualities he possess.Love yourself,embrace yourself as the perfect(Though,perfection is a delusional myth and it varies according to person's mentality) and others will return that love.And then only the search for love and happiness is worth while (At times,this self-love turns into obsessive love,yes indeed :P)But still that little silliness makes me happy.I am not at the zenith nor I had accomplished anything big but whatever i had done has been the outcome of that *little silliness*that always sparkled me.

When people were playing Farm ville,City villa,Texas Poker and doing other idiotic things to make themselves happy and live in their world of "so-called-fantasy",I always find myself at good position because I chose the path of becoming Independent and I worked hard for it.It needs hard labour,patience and sleepless nights,if you truly want to earn a good amount from Internet.Of success and ethics,I tried my best to choose ethics.I was learning,I am still learning and when learning and quest for eternal knowledge becomes passion,you automatically become blind,deaf and dumb.Well it may not help me at present but it will surely gonna make my future bright.

Every time I log in to my fb account and find a message saying “Plz like my profile pic”,”Plz like my comment” I feel like killing that guy or a girl (Again ,I’m not a sexist :P) but then I end up doing what they say. If such a simple thing makes them happy, simply do it. It does not cost much ,I guess :P.Most of the people find it silly but your own happiness has so much to do with,“ How you make others happy”!. It is of no use to upload *stud-looking pics*,tag friends in attractive photos and do all other silly stuffs like “You like mine I like yours” :P.It is nothing but mutual sympathy :P .It’s good up to certain extent but Do you really find happiness in it? 

Seriously,I don’t and hence I never did it though I have a good collection of it.I find happiness in counting the pics I’m tagged in. Uploading a photo and craving for likes is what this virtual world is all about. And hence it sucks. But then again as said before, I will do this thing as well because it makes them happy and ultimately it will make me happy.:D 

Happiness is not full stomach , it is *contended mind*.It is a kind of feeling. It is a kind of satisfaction. ”Being ME” is once again a kind of happiness. And people just don’t understand this simple thing which makes me Happy,once again (For no good reason :P).Pardon me if this sounds a bit confusing or too sombre. For this is just a thought. It may sound weird but this is what I think (*wink*)


A day before yesterday I read somewhere “Ethereal happiness is a self-created sand castle on your personal shore”.It really sounds good. Yes, it will fall again and again and again as it is not cemented, glued, taped and walled. But you can’t keep yourself fixated over the fall. Go with the flow, try to explore as much as you can, let it fall now and then because if it doesn’t fall there will be nothing to work for, nothing to build, nothing to look forward to, nothing to prove and nothing to gain,nothing to lose.Fear will only cut your wings.Spread your wings as wind is always beneath your wings.Give it a try.Don't think of the painful fall.The habit of flying will overshadow all your pain.And without the painful fall or loss, would the final product feel worth it? And the answer is NO.A big “NO”.

Life will be monotonous and life without adventure and craziness is not worth living.I'll stick to my opinion and I seriously don't care if it sounds weird and immature :P. The painful fall is must. It’s a part of our life, part of our journey, part of a journey which always search for happiness.Happiness comes your way even when pain exists. It’s more like an asshole who always exists with you but you really can’t see it. It’s a very subjective concept that has different interpretation when asked to different people.This is what I believe and it is just a glimpse of it. I'm ending this post here considering the SEO factors (Oh yeah! I'm going to become a software engineer and thus knowledge of SEO is required :P).Lol,it's just due to time constraints.No other factors.A lot more to me.This is just a beginning.

P.S. And hence there is a need of competitors and enemies to make the castle fall and I don’t mind loving them for doing such a dirty thing. :P

P.P.S: Special thanks to the person who suggested me to write a post which truly reflects me and without pointing fingers on anyone else :D(Well,I didn't hear the latter part and so is the outcome :D) This is indeed a positive post.*Sigh*


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