Sunday, August 19, 2012

Life it is called!

Here I am,once again.140 characters are just not enough.Screw Twitter.Screw Facebook.Screw all other online article sharing platforms.They make us robots.Money making robots.Screw everything that happened.Back to blog.Back to dreams.Back to life.

The world is sleeping right now.Oh yeah! My watch says 2 a.m.Good Morning people. Zzzzee (Can’t hear?)Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz (OMG!they can’t.Everyone is sleeping except me. :D)
So Why I deleted all my previous posts.(Still wondering?:O) So why I’m writing this blog once again.(still wondering? :O)Soul searching? Lol.No.Of course not.Am I dumb? Ummm..okay,don’t answer that. :P:D

And the answer is again a question "What is this life full of care,we have no time to stand and stare"-Robert Frost
This quote relates with everyone's life.Often in life,we get so caught up playing duties,roles and responsibilities that we tend to forget who we are,what is our purpose of life? what is our motto? What are we chasing?Is is worth chasing? Is it making us happy( *Eternal Happiness* :D)?or we are just running,running without reason,without purpose, just to quench the thirst of getting success,money,name and fame.We have our answers.All answers.But no solutions.And this is the biggest tragedy of life.

Life is a race,a never ending race and we are entrapped in this cage of life,a never ending loop which will remain unchanged and unresolved.In between we run,we compete,we fight,we chase,we win sometimes,we lose sometimes.Things change, and so do people and this crucified world keeps turning.

Often times when things are difficult,it almost seems like the whole universe is conspiring against you.Everything you do ,say,write - goes against you. Nothing seems to work. That is when the opposite life is at its best.People keep on giving advices.People suggest you to change so that you can bring a positive change in society as well.People force you to chase your dreams and stop competing with others.But things around you get blurred,the day you start earning,the day you become independent,the day you start day dreaming.Nothing is visible to you.A thing quite similar to color-blindness or something of that kind. But then again,change is mandatory.It is the law of nature.We have to learn and change accordingly.

Often,I wonder how many people in my life love me?And I mean truly .Family is an exception, obviously.The strangers,the friends,the society people.I don’t need their love (honestly,for me,the true love of 18 people which I call my family is more than enough to live my whole life happily)but still I wonder sometimes.I am insane(or much like that).I regularly need people to show me that they love me.And if they don’t,it makes me sad.Real sad.:D .I know it is somewhat childish thing and this blog is definitely not to reveal such secrets but I’m actually not kidding.Damn! It's true.

I know life is too short.It just has four letters.We can either keep grudges or we can live it to the fullest.Choice is completely ours.Nobody is forcing or compelling us to change or to do the things we are not suppose to do or the things which we think are morally incorrect.Nobody is judging us,no one has right to judge us.Its completely our life and whatever we make out of it is the outcome of our efforts and maturity level and all such bookish things.But knowing all these sayings,the answer,the search for true love and happiness,the count of persons in my mind remain unchanged,unresolved,always a question.Always a mystery.

The only answer I have today is that life is all about being with those who make our soul smile,it is all about realizing who we should never let go of,rest everything else is material,EVERYTHING.Our sole purpose of life is to experience the big, wide world, to realize our dreams of adventure.When we're able to ask our self a question like, "What is the purpose of my life?" then only we're on the road to self-understanding, self-actualization and, hopefully Self-realization. Oh, and once the journey has begun it seems there is no going back.No turning back.Sky is the limit.Dream.Live.Explore.All smiles. :):)

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~Sayonara! :)

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