Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Wayfarers!

..Sometimes the journey itself is the destination.They love their journey.Their journey to quench the thirst of knowledge,their journey in search of love,happiness and peace.They keep wandering,alone along the road,and smiling...The wayfarers,the wanderers...
...We live in a world of fantasy and dreams, where most objects are inflated beyond recognition.Fake world,fake people.Lost and corrupted souls.A world where true love does not exist,a world which live on biological needs,a world where love doesn't suffice,a world which demands war and bloodshed,a world which betrays.They love their journey,they keep wandering in the same world.They keep wandering,alone along the road,and smiling...The wayfarers,the wanderers...
...Life is all about loving others.We need to just keep on trying.It is not about how others are loving us - but rather about our loving others.Life's jagged pattern is a chiaroscuro,and  happiness bathes  in these extremities.They experience its madness.They dance,they tumble and fall, they don't cry,they don't complain,they stand up and join the tune again. They don't let themselves bring down by sorrow or pain,ever be faithful their life is not in vain.They keep wandering,alone along the road,and smiling...The wayfarers,the wanderers...
...They keep their journey going.They never make enemies.They don't keep grudges.They believe in building bridges.They are the messengers,the harbingers of GOD,If they don't build bridges, how will we get peace on earth? If they don't spread love, happiness and peace, how will we get harmony and brotherhood on earth?
If they don't, who will???
And they are still wandering, alone along the road, and smiling...just following the faded footprints..They face the pain due to thorns in their path,they consider the ache,they neither curse the path nor the thorn, they dance in the rain, they wander insanely,silence is their virtue,and so the wayfarers are the eternal preserver...
But why is there a need ??why is there a need for suffering?? Is it their responsibility ?? Is it a part of their journey ?? Is it what life's all about?? Or it is something else…something more enlightening..or something more diverse..
Hell..Am I contradicting myself ?? Am I going to extremes?? Perplexed?...Always a question! Always a mystery!
Sometimes journey itself is a contradiction! :D 

P.S. Pardon me if it is bit confusing or too sombre.For it's just a pigment of my imagination.I've never tried this genre before as it is not my forte,but I guess it still conveyed the main thought :)
P.P.S. I tried my best  to maintain the rhythm and give it a poetic feel but unfortunately I'm not a poet, so once again pardon me if it's not up to the expectation.Alright,I'm too modest! ;):D  

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