Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Angst!

And then sometimes,what we WANT and what we DESERVE are two DIFFERENT things.What exactly is perfection?Trust me,you won't be able to find a single person who you can call as Perfect because perfection does not exist.Perfection is nothing but a delusional myth.Believe it or not.

I don't waste your time,I'll be direct.I don't have any role models.I don't follow people.I don't want to be like anyone.I am happy being "ME".Okay,I won't be a smart ass but yes some people inspire me but not completely.I observe them,all their strengths and weaknesses and then I learn only the things I want to learn from them,I adopt or imitate the "good" leaving behind the "bad" part of their character.

Eh??Isn't it confusing??Yes,it is confusing.Seriously,I am confused and scared.I won't be able to speak too much right now but yes Engineering life,trust me,you will be remembered.Challenges,problems,struggle and busy schedule altogether.It's difficult to decide the priority especially when the whole world is conspiring against you.But then,I know my priorities,I know what I am doing and why I am doing.I decided to quit but the angst,once again,has given me courage to fight back,to rise again,to give life a one more chance.Rise from ashes and fight for life.Fight for dreams.Sunshine or Darkness?? Love or hate?? Sanity or Insanity ?? Who cares?? I am sane,I always was and I always will be,no matter what.Yes,I matter,my decisions matter,my priorities matter,my loved ones matter,my life matters.I have my answers.All answers.Now kick my ass and I'll fly higher and higher and higher....

"The world around us, is too selfish, 
Molding us into what they desire. 
Never really cared about what we need. 
Pushed us into, what they require. 
Truth, they never wanted to hear. 
Truth, is what they told us to say. 
Doesn’t matter, what I do, 
What they think, it’s not their way. 
*Hypocrites all around me*,
 Guided me for whole my life.
 Once more, they tell me, what to do.
 I swear, I am gonna stab them with a knife.
Numerous customs, religions and beliefs,
They tied me, chained me and I sneaked.
Now I realize, maybe I was wrong.
But being wrong was, what I seeked.
Why do they decide, good or bad?
Why can’t I choose my own way?
I seek liberty, I seek freedom.
I seek to get drunken everyday.
I don’t give a fuck, what world thinks.

I just want to live free.
Is that too much to ask?
Or again, do I need to pay some fee.
I’ll use the words I want, I’ll swear.
And I’ll follow them no more.
My middle finger, for them,

They will never turn me sore.
You don’t like me anymore,
I say, you are an idiot, a jabbering snitch.
I am free, I am independent.
And the world is a cute little bitch.

- From The heart of "someone who copied it".  :D
PS:Well,the last few lines has nothing to do with the above post but it is dedicated to "you".I know you don't give a fuck about it.And yes,I am not your fan(I swear :D)but when I say love,I mean it and when I say hate,I again mean it.

PPS: The editing done in between is not to show my talent or creativity,it's way too harsh and does not suit me.Try not reading it. As simple as that:D

Rest,Life's good.


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