Friday, April 10, 2015

Poetry-The Ethics and Learnings

Ten reasons why every woman should have a virtual affair with a real poet.
1. Who doesn't like having poems written to and for them, initially at least, on their beauty? Though it may pall after some time.
2. Poets have beautiful and bounteous souls that give rather than take.
3. You could learn a lot of new words, puns, tricks and tips about writing and language,
4. He can make you temporarily into a poet, while you are with him.
5. You are never stuck for a rhyming word.
6. Poets teach you a lot of virtues, like patience. grin emoticon
7. Empathy and sympathy for all kinds of strange unheard of never known before or to the rest of the world causes enter your domain of knowledge.
8. Poets make you keenly aware of Nature,
9, Poets are liable to make you jealous, thus improving your overall everything
10. You can always get a poet to cuddle with you and your teddy without any embarrassment.

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